The clinically proven ingredient in MASQUELIER’s® Soléderm® DAILY APRES UV CRÈME helps:

  • Reduce the visible signs of oxidative stress and free radical damage on skin from the sun.
  • Reduce the appearance of skin redness from sun exposure up to 50% faster than normal recovery.
  • Combat the visible signs of sun damage thought to lead to premature skin aging.
  • Soothe, moisturize, and hydrate the skin, helping skin look smooth and fresh.

The sun debate

Most of us manage to get out in the sun a little each day – playing in the park with our kids, tossing a frisbee or just rushing from one place to another. A little healthy, sensible sun exposure can be good for all of us, providing essential Vitamin D and helping us feel good – the happy side of outside. Yet exposure to the sun is also known to cause visible damage – UV damage, dehydration, redness, photoaging, loss of elasticity – the list is endless! How do we negotiate the advantages on the one hand and the damage on the other? What do we do after we have been in the sun to visibly mitigate the damage – even when we have been being as sensible as possible with shirts and sun block and hats?

The sun solution

While we may not be able to offer all the answers, MASQUELIER’s® Soléderm DAILY APRES UV can help repair the visible signs of daily skin damage from the sun, helping you enjoy the sun’s benefits while giving your skin a chance to recover.

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Soléderm® DAILY APRES UV CRÈME has been specically developed to help visibly repair the signs of exposure to the sun on skin. It is proven to visibly reduce redness, soothe, moisturize and hydrate to help combat the visible signs of sun damage and premature skin aging after sensible, healthy sun exposure.

A little healthy, sensible sun exposure every day can be good for all of us, providing essential Vitamin D and helping us feel good – the happy side of outside. However these same UV rays from the sun have the potential to damage our skin, giving rise to free radicals which can destroy collagen and reduce elasticity, causing the appearence of pigmentation, lines, wrinkles, freckles and sagging skin.

Soléderm® DAILY APRES UV CRÈME allows us to enjoy the happy side of outside while caring for our skin and repairing the visible signs of sun damage we may incur each day.


Gently massage Soléderm® onto face, neck, décolletage, back of hands; parts of the body that are particularly exposed to oxidative stress. Apply up to 3 times a day, especially after being outdoors. Recommended for normal to dry skin types.

MASQUELIER’s® Soléderm® is 100% naturally derived and completely free of silicones, dyes, mineral oils, parabens, phenoxyethanol and ingredients from animal origin. Infused with high grade essential oils like jasmine, green-tea and rosemary to stimulate the senses, it is absorbed quickly to leave a soft natural feel, making it effective to use in combination with cosmetics and other skin creams.


Professor Masquelier - A true health explorer
Professor Masquelier dedicated a lifetime of research to his unique discoveries and their beneficial effects on microcirculation.