CEP brings Masquelier’s legacy to the future by returning to its core

February 2023

Loosdrecht (The Netherlands), 17 February 2023 – INC (International Nutrition Company), which is a Dutch company that researches, develops, analyses and manufactures premium botanical health formulations, announced today that it will be reinstating its original name CEP in order to honour the heritage of its founder, Professor Masquelier, and the craftsmanship it signifies. The company has spent over 50 years collaborating with established international business partners to develop and commercialise highly-successful botanical health solutions based on Professor Masquelier’s OPCs-discoveries, and is now ready to seize new opportunities.


CEP marries scientific expertise and the heritage of Professor’s Masquelier’s work with the core belief that a balanced vascular system is central to human health and meets the more holistic needs of today’s health-conscious consumers. (Re)launching its name, CEP is embarking on a new journey of developing bespoke consumer health solutions with a vascular core. Through collaboration with new and existing partners, it aims to synergistically combine the health benefits of MASQUELIER’s® OPCs ingredients with other functional ingredients to support a wide range of human health areas.


Pim Schwitters (CEO, co-owner): We didn’t change to CEP because we were unhappy with the INC name. On the contrary, we believed that the essential core of our company needed to transition naturally to where we find ourselves today, so that we can seize new opportunities in the market and bring Masquelier’s inventions to new users.”


CEP’s long-term holistic view on health and its expertise in developing purposeful OPCs-centric solutions based on a microvascular foundation are perfectly in keeping with the needs of modern consumers. Consumers are taking a more holistic approach to their health, with many looking for products that offer various benefits by combining ingredients. Simultaneously, herb and botanical supplements have been the fastest growing category since 2014 and future growth is expected to shift the categories.

Schwitters:We are convinced that we can create value for our business partners at a time where consumers want credible health solutions as an integral part of a lifestyle that focuses on quality of life and ageing well. That is where our journey started. A journey aimed at cherishing everything we’ve built over all these decades, and harmonising it with what consumers in the outside world really need and expect today.”


Synergy is one of the secrets to human health. The human body is a complex system where everything is connected. And everything is constantly working together. The vascular system lies at the heart of human health. A system that delivers nutrients and oxygen to every part of our body and takes care of essential waste removal. MASQUELIER’s® OPCs ingredients support the vascular system and thus form the perfect foundation for developing health solutions that use targeted nutrition to provide synergy and support for the many areas of human health. CEP’s focus on synergy originates from the early pioneering research that Professor Masquelier performed to explore the synergy between his original OPCs ingredients and other active ingredients like vitamin C.

Schwitters:CEP is synonymous with everything that is good about what we have achieved and do today. It protects the legacy of Masquelier in particular, but also reflects the spirit of partnership and craftsmanship in the formulations we create. These are the core abilities that we want to keep and protect moving forward.


About the company:

CEP is a third-generation family-owned business. The company has a group of specialized OPCs experts that research, develop, analyse and manufacture premium botanical health solutions based on MASQUELIER’s® OPCs ingredients which are commercialized with their business partners worldwide.

The company is the custodian of Professor Jack Masquelier’s body of work on his powerful MASQUELIER’s® OPCs ingredients.

-        Professor Jack Masquelier is the renowned scientist who famously isolated OPCs from nature in 1947. He was the first person to harness their nutritional qualities and dedicated his entire career to discovering their many health benefits.

-        CEP is the company Professor Masquelier set up to commercialize and authenticate his original ingredients in 1969. After a lifetime of refining his ingredients, he then spent 10 years working with the father of CEP’s current owners, Bert Schwitters, to make sure that his legacy was upheld in its purest form.


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