MASQUELIER’s® OPCs ingredients

MASQUELIER's® ORIGINAL OPCs and MASQUELIER's® FRENCH PINE BARK EXTRACT are the only compounds on the market that match the specifications and standards of Professor Jack Masquelier’s specific OPCs compositions. You can be sure of that because MASQUELIER's® applies ultra-rigorous Complex Phytonutrient Authentication (CPA) testing to every single batch of OPCs we extract. Only when CPA testing confirms the quality and integrity of the batch can those OPCs be labelled as MASQUELIER's® ORIGINAL OPCs or MASQUELIER's® FRENCH PINE BARK EXTRACT. And only then can you know that you are getting Jack Masquelier’s specific OPCs compositions with their genuine health benefits.


Scientists had known about OPCs for some years. Then, in 1948, a determined young scientist called Jack Masquelier extracted and isolated them for the first time. Using pioneering techniques, he first isolated OPCs from peanut skins and subsequently from the bark of the Maritime Pine tree and certain specific grape seeds.

Extensive research and testing led him to develop highly specific OPCs compositions. Over a number of trials, Masquelier and his co-workers then demonstrated that these specific OPCs compositions had a positive effect on the capillaries within the microvascular system. 


Crucially, his specific OPCs compositions acted as a high-performance phytonutrient that is ‘bioavailable’ and readily absorbed by the body. It was also demonstrated that they work autonomously, without requiring the synergy of other nutrients or cofactors.

All these advantages enabled valuable support for the microvascular system that can be delivered easily and rapidly. And that’s important because the microvascular system connects every part of our body and helps to maintain virtually every structure and function of the body, regardless of a person's age, gender, or lifestyle.

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Doctors and medical authorities soon recognized the value of Masquelier’s OPCs and in 1966 Professor Masquelier was granted a patent for the application of his extracts in the support for venous, vascular and capillary health.


After his patents expired, numerous ‘watered down’, weaker versions of Professor Masquelier’s extracts appeared on the market. So, in order to protect consumers he decided to safeguard the integrity and reputation of his original extracts. He did so by granting the company that owns MASQUELIER's®, the exclusive rights to use his name and signature as a trademark.


Professor Jack Masquelier dedicated all his life to expanding his knowledge, refining his processes and developing new applications for his OPCs compositions. At MASQUELIER's® we continue to take his life’s work forward with further scientific research into MASQUELIER's® Original OPCs and extracts and their widely acknowledged health benefits. In doing so we follow the standards established and practiced by Jack Masquelier and we arrive at our results in the same way.

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